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Retail Tenant Directory is an online subscription-based publication of Shopping Center Database Inc. that lists exclusive inside company details for nearly 5,400 active retail chains in the U.S. Updated on a weekly basis, RTDOnline provides: leads to active retailers, who to contact and where, in-depth company profiles, where retailers are looking to expand, preferred store size and more. Recognized throughout the industry as the most accurate data source available, the Retail Tenant Directory has become the standard by which all other similar resources are measured.

Retailing is among the most volatile of industries. Each year, hundreds of retail companies dissolve, merge or are acquired and nearly a quarter of all leasing decision-makers change jobs. Our staff tracks these changes in real-time to ensure you get the most accurate information available.

We also give you the information you need to contact these retailers — address, telephone and fax numbers, website addresses and emails (where available), plus the names of over 16,000 retail executives, including the people responsible for site selection. Perhaps most importantly, PlainVanillaShell.com is the online portal to the invaluable data in the Retail Tenant Directory. For over 30 years, brokers, leasing agents, suppliers, and innumerable others have depended on the detailed and painstakingly-accurate data that makes up the Retail Tenant Directory.

Most of the in-depth company information we track in the Retail Tenant Directory is especially relevant to leasing agents, developers and others who deal with the retail real estate industry; but financial and maintenance service companies as well as many others use it. As an online subscriber, you’ll discover how you can use the information more effectively than ever before. No one can match the years of experience, quality of data and comprehensive view of the industry found in the Retail Tenant Directory.

We encourage you to visit PlainVanillaShell.com where you’ll also find a wealth of other industry information available to you including breaking retailer news, new tenant leads, the law and much more.

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