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Retail Tenant Directory‚ is an online subscription based publication of Shopping Center Database Inc. that lists exclusive inside company details for nearly 5,400 active retail chains in the U.S. Updated on a weekly basis, RTDOnline provides: leads to active retailers, who to contact and where, in-depth company profiles, where retailers are looking to expand, preferred store size and more.

Recognized throughout the industry as the most accurate data source available, the Retail Tenant Directory has become the standard by which all other similar resources are measured.More

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01 / October / 2020
Shopping Center Database Inc. has officially launched it's annual major update for 2021‚ Retail Tenant Directory‚  Every year we verify and update each and every company profile within the Retail Tenant Directory Online


system through direct company contact.  While we are currently in our major update process, we will continue to make  weekly updates to the system which include adding new companies and removing companies that that no longer qualify due to divestiture.

15 / September / 2020
Shopping Center Database Inc. published its latest‚ Top 100 Company Profiles‚ in the‚ RTDOnline system.  This list provides the names of the‚  top 100 companies that are accessed most frequently by our RTDOnline members.  More


Retail Tenant Directory is a must have weapon in any retail professionals arsenal.  We find ourselves using RTD every week as we are constantly trying to monitor where certain tenants are, where they are expanding, and it’s an incredible tool More

"RTDOnline has completely changed how we market our properties to companies More

"My association with the Retail Tenant Directory goes back more than 10 years, and over the years their system became enhanced. More

"RTDOnline is a valuable asset and resource at Vantage Point Properties. More

"My retail brokerage business includes the sale of smaller retail land tracts and outparcels. RTDOnline has been a great resource More

to help generate leads for all of our developments.  The ability to filter tenants by size, footprint, geography, use, etc. is an amazingly helpful tool.  We have used RTD since 2006 back when it was known as the big blue book, the online tool is so easy to navigate.  Thanks RTD!! - J.W., Wadsworth Development Group
for identifying specific users and their real estate contacts along with providing detailed information on retailer's site parameters. I have also enjoyed the PlainVanillaShell e-newsweekly which keeps you up to date on trends occurring in the retail sector along with retailer expansion plans. This is a great retail tool to use in your day-to-day business whether you specialize in leasing retail space, tenant representation or land sales." - C.M., CBRE
It is easy to use and provides up-to-date information on companies for contact and demographics. With confidence and no hesitation, we whole-heartedly endorse RTDOnline." - C.E., Vantage Point Properties, Inc.
I started off using their Retail Tenant Directory book, then moved on to receive the CD, and now the online system appears to have data virtually up-to-date. By using this marketing approach, my Landlord clients have benefited tremendously. What's also most useful is the PlainVanillaShell e-newsweekly, which keeps me informed with industry news. Good personal service is their key - often open to suggestions in improving the way the searches are configured. I find it a pleasure to do business with RTDOnline." - E.M., Edwin Mirsky Real Estate Services
all around the U.S. Between their leadership and support staff, our firm has received incredibly accurate and professional service from the moment we began subscribing to RTDOnline. We highly recommend RTDOnline to anyone involved in the retail tenant industry. "  CEAH Real Estate Services